Carpet Cleaning

Our focus is on quality to provide every home with the highest level of appearance and cleanliness. We only schedule our IICRC-certified technicians 2 or 3 jobs a day to give each home the special attention it deserves. We use the hot water extraction method which is preferred by most manufacturers.

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Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood floors are vacuumed to remove all dirt, professional hardwood cleaning solution is applied and scrubbed with our specialized equipment. The floor is cleaned again with a neutralizer. Hard to reach areas that can't be reached by the cleaning equipment are carefully cleaned by hand. Protective coating is then applied that brings out the shine to beautify the floors.

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Upholstery cleaning

Scheduling upholstery cleaning on regular intervals removes dirt bacteria and substances that can cause premature wear and permanent staining. We start with a deep vacuuming, getting into cracks and crevices. We apply a pre-treament solution to dissolve oil grime and stains. We then use our state of the art equipment to extract without harming your upholstery.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile is easy to maintain. Over time tile surfaces and grout lines acquire a buildup of dirt and grime. To clean, we use special cleaning solutions designed for tile and grout. We use powerful truckmount to get a deep down clean. Our cleaning products are safe and effective for ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles.

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Auto Cleaning

Real Pro utilizes hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning with our powerful truckmount, your auto interior expert cleans fabric, leather upholstery, and carpet floor mats.

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Home or Office Cleaning

We specialize in general offices, medical offices, churches/ place of worship, and property management buildings.

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